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About my Ministry in Kenya

Typical tea fieldJohn 4:35 says, "Behold, I say to you, lift up your eyes and look at the fields, for they are already white for harvest!"  This is the verse that the Lord brought to my mind on my first mission trip to Kenya, on the first day, when meeting the first person with whom I shared the gospel.  He was picking tea leaves at a local tea plantation and prayed to receive Jesus Christ right there in the field.  It was an overpowering experience to see the Spirit of God working in his life.
There are three things that the Lord has put in my heart to do in Kenya.  First, I will share the Gospel hut to hut and field to field, just as I have done on previous mission trips.  Second, I plan to teach Bible studies to the ladies.  Typically, the men Elephantsreceive the majority of Bible training.  However, the women do not receive very much training other than what is taught in church on Sundays.  The third thing the Lord has laid on my heart to do is to sew clothes for the people and to teach them how to sew.  The only clothes I saw on both trips were mere hand-me-downs from other countries.  For example, I saw an Illinois and Georgia t-shirt one day.  Sewing for them would provide new clothes, and teaching them how to sew would help their families and would likely provide added income by their learning of a new trade.  Fortunately, Singer sewing machines, both electric and treadle, are available in a city nearby, so the lack of electricity in their huts will not be an issue.


Where I am serving in Kenya

Map of KenyaThe town I am closest to is Nandi Hills in the Nandi District of western Kenya.  Nandi Hills is a highland area in the Rift Valley Province of Kenya.  I am also somewhat close to the town of Eldoret.  The country is divided into provinces, which are then divided into districts.  I am ministering in various places in the Nandi District, all within about an hour circumference of the tea plantation where I am living.  Click the map at the right for a larger image.




How to contact me

Regular mail sent from the USA takes just a few days to reach me- provided you indicate VIA AIRMAIL on the envelope.  You may contact me via regular mail at the following address:


  Judy Rushing

  P. O. Box 247

  Nandi Hills, 30301



Securicor, the official Kenyan carrier of letters and packages from other countries, uses ONLY DHL as their connection in the USA.  If you want to send a package, check with DHL on the requirements regarding the contents then address it as follows:


  TO:  Kenya Commercial Bank (KCB), Nandi Hills, Kenya
  FOR:  Judy Rushing
  CELL PHONE:  0733-523479


The bank receives the package(s) and with the telephone number indicated and will then call us to pick up the package(s) in Nandi Hills.  Please make sure the contents will pass customs.  There are many regulations. 


E-mail, of course, is a very simple method of contacting me.  You may reach me at .


What can I do to help?

Philippians 4:6 says, "Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God."  The number one thing anyone can do for me and my ministry is to pray.  Some of the things you can remember in your prayers include: prayer that the people of Kenya have open and receptive hearts to hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ, prayer for my faithfulness to the ministry which the Lord has called me to, prayer that I will minister effectively, and prayer for my health and safety.


If you wish to contribute to my ministry financially, you may do so through the Missions Office at First Baptist Church Snellville.  Donations should be marked for the ministry of Judy Rushing in Kenya and can be further detailed to indicate specific uses for the donation.  Financial donations will be used for Bibles, sewing items such as sewing machines, material, thread, etc., and other necessary ministry-related items.